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Ann Marie Genco

Teacher of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to all grade level classrooms. I give voice to every student and empower knowledge acquisition, sharpen skills and inspire curiosity and creativity.

I have over thirty years of teaching experience and design curricula to meet a variety of individual learning styles, including experiential learning. Preview, practice, context, assessment, and review are the parts of the process to advancement.

Mission Statement

To empower students, especially young women, to make a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) by building skills in mathematics and exploring science and technology projects together and through collaboration with Tacoma’s professionals, companies, museums and organizations.

About a Program of Action

Math and/or Science will be no mystery to you. You will become the master of your destiny; and your destiny calls for excellence in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math ) at various levels.
Reach for the career of your dreams, explore science and technology through projects, successfully fulfill requirements in math. You are the guide, clearing away hurdles for yourself. I am the interpreter, clarifying the obstacles you face and providing skills to remove those obstacles.

Take charge of math and science! As we work together, you will identify the areas of confusion. I will highlight the clues within each math or science problem. When you are ready to tackle a particular challenge, I will provide the program to strengthen you, until you are clear and can follow the path to a successful solution.

I have guided many students in my career as a math and science teacher. Students from pre-K through adult learners have experienced mathematical and scientific thinking, at the appropriate levels, with my help. I have many resources to share with you. Younger students enjoy movement and games; students in the middle years embrace challenges, and the satisfaction of building sound skills; older students recognize patterns, create and use analogies and experience success.

Your first step is to work with me to set your goals and work toward them. Find success, little by little, class by class, year by year. The final step that you take is your decision! Go as far as you like and as far as you can. You will no longer say, “Math and Science are a mystery.”


"Thanks for so much help. You should be 'Teacher of the Year!'"
- June W., adult learner using video conferencing for the first time to stay connected.

"Ann makes the learning environment a comfortable one, and as an adult learner returning to college after nearly a decade's absence and two decade's hate affair with mathematics, Ann provided me with the tools, the environment, and the structure to excel. From K-college, Ann will tailor the program to best suit the age range and subject material, ensuring her students have a much higher grade than they would otherwise."
- Conner G.

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